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Drug dealer's prison cell was nicer than many homes

Mike Opelka
(alfexe/Getty Images)

On Friday's "Pure Opelka," Mike Opelka talked about Brazilian drug trafficker Jarvis Chimenes Pavao, who has been living in a luxurious three room apartment inside a prison in Paraguay. The "prison cell" in which the drug dealer was repaying his debt to society came complete with a big screen TV, a fully stocked kitchen, and gym equipment.

"I can't call this a cell, it looks like an apartment," Opelka commented, describing the cell as having no bars, cabinets on the walls, curtains, a sofa, and a treadmill.

"I'm wondering just who the hell's in charge here," Opelka said, adding incredulously, "he's got more DVDs than the public library here."

Mike concluded by happily noting that, once state of his "cell" was made public, Pavao "was evicted from his luxury cell and transferred to less luxurious accommodations."

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