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Enrollment down, dorms closing at Univ. of Missouri; Is this the price of political correctness?

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The University of Missouri is home to perhaps the most infamous example of student “safe space” protests, a 2015 incident where a professor was captured on video harassing a student journalist. Now, the school is facing a substantial drop in enrollment, fewer attendees at football games, closing dorms and alumni who don’t want to support Mizzou anymore.

Melissa Click, an assistant professor who taught in the school’s communication department, was fired in February 2016 several months after after she was caught on video yelling at a student journalist who was trying to cover a protest. Her cries for “muscle” to help remove the student from the event became a symbol for political correctness running amuck.

Last week on “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson and the guys talked about the university’s decline following the protests. Enrollment is down by 2,000 students, and Mizzou is starting the school year with the smallest incoming class since 1999. Seven dorms have been closed, and the university has announced up to 100 layoffs, with around 300 more layoffs expected in the near future.

“Most people do not want the political correctness,” Doc said.

A Wall Street Journal op-ed from earlier this month outlined the problems plaguing Mizzou since then. The piece opens with an anecdote about a longtime Missouri fan who attended dozens of athletic events each year but has since pledged to stop donating to the school.

“It’s obvious people are speaking with their dollars,” Kal Elsebai said.

In July, the New York Times reported that budget cuts have even left the school’s library “begging for books.”

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