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Expert: Fracking doesn't appear to contribute to earthquakes -- but here's what could be

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The United States Geological Survey firmly states that fracking does not cause earthquakes. Fracking is a method to reach and obtain oil or gas buried beneath of within rock. Although it uses highly pressurized liquid, it has not been found to trigger seismic events.

Nevertheless, various self-appointed watchdog groups insist that fracking is the reason Oklahoma has seen an increase in earthquake activities. Jacki Daily spoke with attorney A.J. Ferate of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, or OIPA, to interpret the correlation.

Ferate said that less than 20 earthquakes in the world have been determined to be caused by fracking, which has been used since 1947. There are now hundreds of thousands of fracking sites across the globe.

He and Jackie then discussed a number of peripheral reasons why Oklahoma might be experiencing more seismic activity. Better waste water disposal may help alleviate it, if it is found that current methods contribute to the instability. It is also possible that this is simply a matter of plate tectonics, but more study is needed.

The Oklahoma governor has put together a panel of experts to better understand the phenomenon. The corporations in the area are also researching better ways to handle their waste water. Meanwhile, new fault lines are being discovered in the state regularly.

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