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Fed up: States are banding together to put constitutional limits on the federal government
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Fed up: States are banding together to put constitutional limits on the federal government

Could a reckoning be coming to the federal government?

Activist and constitutional attorney Mark Meckler joined Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about the possibility of a majority of states adding amendments to the Constitution that would restrain the federal government's authority. Texas recently became the 11th state to join the movement for a Convention of States, passing a resolution calling for Article V of the Constitution to be invoked.

Article V lays out the procedure for amending the Constitution. The option, which has never been successfully used before, is for two-thirds of the states to call for a convention to propose constitutional amendments, which will then need to be ratified in three-fourths of state legislatures.

Meckler clarified that the push for a Convention of States is not about rewriting the Constitution, but simply adding amendments that would impose limits on the federal government. “The Constitution’s not at risk; we’re trying to go back to something more like the original Constitution,” he said.

The three proposed amendments aim to curb government spending; restrain the federal government’s scope and jurisdiction; and impose term limits in the legislative and judicial branches.

Meckler noted that the process would be the ultimate lesson in the constitutional process for the nation. Conservatives often lament that people don’t understand the Constitution, but with these new amendments on the table, “People are gonna be paying attention to the Constitution like never before in American history,” he said.

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