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Feminist author announces book on ‘toxic masculinity’ – here’s why people think she's gone too far


Feminist author Clementine Ford wrote a note inside a fan’s copy of her book “Fight Like a Girl” that prompted outrage this week.

“Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?” Ford wrote, signing her name with a heart next to it and “XX,” for “kisses.”

The Daily Mail asked Ford for comment, but she responded instead by tweeting the email she got from the reporter – without blurring out his phone number and full name.

“Hi Josh - @laureningram isn't a 'fan', she is one of the women I am training to operate the sun cannon,” Ford tweeted. “BUT NOW YOU HAVE UNCOVERED OUR PLAN!”

Ironically, Ford’s note surfaced the day after she announced a contract for her next book, a treatise on “toxic masculinity” called “Boys Will Be Boys.”

As Ford described on Facebook, her book will explore a certain perception of modern masculinity. “From rape jokes on Facebook to reddit to MRA groups and the outer corners of the internet and all the way inwards to the annals of power - the political parties, the legislators, the private school boys - this book will turn a sharp eye toward a masculinity that is presented as ever expansive but is in reality exceptionally limited,” she wrote in the announcement about "Boys Will Be Boys."

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere talked about the note on Wednesday’s “Pat & Stu.” Jeffy Fisher said that if he had written something similar, he wouldn’t apologize.

“Have you ever apologized, Jeffy?” Stu asked.

“Uh … maybe,” Jeffy said after a long pause.

“Good story,” Stu returned.

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