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Glenn: ‘Get involved’ but ‘be a human being first, political animal last’

Glenn Beck
Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images

In an era of political struggle that is often petty, sometimes we need to hear stories of real human struggle to regain perspective.

Glenn Beck shared a moving story about a nun who had been persecuted and was trying to fight for Christians in the Middle East on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” She was called in via Skype from the Iraqi desert -- where she lived in a metal shipping container -- to share her message about what was happening to Christians in Iraq.

Not at all concerned for herself, the nun focused on her message. “She said, ‘Thank you so much for helping me get the word out,’” Glenn remembered. “I broke down.”

America is at a crossroads in this time of conflict.

“This is when we actually decide, which way are we going?” Glenn said.

He encouraged people to stand for their principles while still remembering that being human is far more important than being political.

“Get involved and allow yourself … to be a human being first and a political animal last,” he said.

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