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Glenn offers Bill O'Reilly a job and doesn't want to take 'no' for an answer


Bill O’Reilly hasn’t decided his next move yet after being fired by Fox News following sexual harassment allegations. In his first interview since leaving the network, O’Reilly and Glenn Beck bantered about the possibility of O’Reilly moving to TheBlaze on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“We could unite our powers for good as opposed to evil,” Glenn suggested. While it’s unlikely that TheBlaze can match O’Reilly’s reported annual salary, which is in the neighborhood of $20 million, Glenn promised that “I’ll pay you in sandwiches like you can’t believe.”

Perhaps O’Reilly wouldn’t mind taking a pay cut for a while after settling business with Fox News to the tune of millions of dollars. But O’Reilly would neither confirm nor deny that he received a $25 million payout from Fox News when he left the network. “Why would you take anything that’s printed in the media seriously?” he asked about media coverage of the controversy. “Why would you believe it?”

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