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Glenn: Our leaders have ‘punched us in the face’ and 'we just keep coming back for more\

Glenn Beck
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The media figures we depend on for news and the political leaders we expected to protect us have betrayed our trust over and over. Glenn Beck told a sobering story from his family history to illustrate this mistreatment on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Comparing the media and our leaders to abusers, he talked about a family member who put up with an abusive relationship for years. “Are you done yet?” she was asked many times.

From Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to President Donald Trump, our lawmakers have made promises and ultimately failed us. No matter how many times we get exploited by our leaders, we keep coming back for more.

“All of them have abused us and punched us in the face, all of them have. For their own political power, gain … in their own way,” Glenn said.

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