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Grief-stricken mother turns 12-year-old son over to police for robbing disabled man

Pat and Stu
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A Detroit woman has been praised for turning in her 12-year-old son to police after the youth was involved in the robbery of a disabled, elderly man at a local restaurant.

The seventh-grader and his two accomplices, ages 13 and 20, reportedly approached the man, who lives on a fixed income because of  his disability, and asked for money. He gave them each a dollar, which did not satisfy their demands, so the three assailants yanked the man from his seat, snatched the wallet out of his hand and took the rest of his cash.

While discussing the story Tuesday on "Pat & Stu," co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere said that the mom's action will likely help spare her child from a life of crime.

"When a mom turns over her son to police, that's going to hopefully have an impression him, right?" Pat asked. "And hopefully help him avoid this kind of stuff in the future."

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