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Harvey update: Anyone traveling over the weekend should be aware of this

Glenn Beck
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

In the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey, a left-leaning online news host gloated about “billions of damage” to the Texas oil industry. But climate change activist or not, you will be affected by the blow to oil refineries in Texas as the price of travel rises.

“If you are thinking about going someplace for Labor Day weekend, you might want to reconsider,” Glenn Beck warned on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

“I don’t know, at least in Texas, if you’re going to be able to get gas throughout the weekend,” Glenn said, detailing why Tropical Storm Harvey has disrupted not only the gasoline supply for Texans but also for the rest of the country. He predicted that the hurricane’s lasting effects will be felt beyond the state, potentially affecting the price of jet fuel and flights.

In the Dallas area, people are lining up for gas, while some pumps already bear signs saying, “Sorry, out of gas.”

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