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Has the pushback on political correctness begun? Here is one comedian's response

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Political correctness is painting itself into a corner. On Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck took a look at what happens when progressives go too far.

“They’ve pushed these ideas so far that culture is starting to push back,” Glenn asserted, pointing to liberals in the world of comedy who are making jokes about PC culture. He played a clip of standup comedian Patton Oswalt brilliantly exposing the absurdity of modern outrage culture with jokes in his “Talking for Clapping” special.

Oswalt talked about a gay friend who struggled to come out when he was high in school. Today, that friend has a nephew in high school who is also gay and thinks he’s being “oppressed” because his LGBT club’s gay prom has to take place two weeks after the “straight prom.”

“I don’t think you know what oppressive means,” Oswalt said.

“OK, we have overplayed the hand of oppression,” Glenn noted. “Nobody even knows what oppression is anymore.”

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