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Helicopter parenting and helicopter classrooms are damaging our kids -- here's how

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Stanford University's Dean of Freshmen Julie Haims conducted a study on over 100,000 college kids on 153 campuses across the United States. She said of her findings:

 "84.3 percent reported being overwhelmed. Sixty-five percent reported being sad. Fifty-one percent felt overwhelming anxiety. Forty-six percent felt that things were hopeless.”

The source of all this misery turned out to be helicopter parents -- the sort of moms and dads who swoop in to solve their child's every issue and need without hesitation. Although it might seem loving, children who never have a chance to struggle don't learn confidence or to solve problems on their own. Without surviving failure, the constant fear of it leads to depression and anxiety.

Mike Slater pointed out that we aren't doing our kids any favors by lowering education standards and inflating grades, which is the scholastic version of helicopter parenting. They aren't getting the education they deserve, and they are getting stressed and depressed.

He asked "Are you preparing the child for the way or preparing the way for the child?"

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