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Here are the influences that have caused college and housing prices to skyrocket

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On Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” the guys talked about how much cost of living has risen within the last century and why the government is at least partially responsible for inflation.

Glenn Beck detailed some average prices from 1924: a new car cost $265, while rent was around $18 a month. You could purchase a house for $7,720 on average, which seems unbelievably low compared with today’s prices.

Glenn went through several decades of average prices and talked about how the federal government has changed the costs of housing and education and affected the stock market until we don’t really know what any of these numbers mean anymore.

“Nothing’s real,” Glenn said. “Because the Fed has dumped money, because we’ve printed money, you don’t know. Is the stock market real? Is the housing price real? Nothing is based on truly free market principles.”

The guys compared the housing market in Texas, which has been growing rapidly and allows buyers to sell quickly, to the rest of the country.

“The only place that to me makes any sense at all is Texas,” Glenn said. “Because the people are moving to Texas, because the influx of people here is just outrageous, how fast it’s growing.”

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