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Here are the latest things robots can do and the jobs they will replace

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Are you prepared for a robot to take your job? Jeffy Fisher had a word of warning for everyone, including himself, on this week’s episode of “The Jeff Fisher Show."

Jeffy looked at the latest robot-related news, including the report that Russia is aiming to staff its new spaceship with robots. Artificial intelligence is also beginning to imitate humanity; Canadian startup Lyrebird has been working on a computer program that will be able to mimic every human voice after analyzing a minute-long recording.

In a sample audio clip, the computer program created new dialogue between voices that sound like President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While Clinton's "voice" isn't quite there yet, the Trump and Obama AI imitations are uncanny.

“It’s really close,” Jeffy said of the Obama voice. “They can’t quite get the Barack sound of ‘I’m real cool but I’m not real cool,’ that hip Barack sound that everybody loved about President Obama and that they especially loved as they’re paying him $400,000 a speech on Wall Street … but soon, they’ll have it.”

Jeffy listed various industries that are likely to be taken over by robots in the near future, noting that his own job is on the line as people turn to voice assistants like Alexa to get their information. He predicted:

“Remember when we had humans telling you the story? We don’t need humans anymore.”

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