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Hollywood celebrities strike again, pleading for Congress to stop Trump

Pat and Stu

Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher react to the latest mobilization of Hollywood celebrities against Trump. This time, Tinseltown stars have put together a video urging Congress to oppose the president-elect's agenda once he assumes office on January 20th.

In the middle of the play-through of this borderline comedic plea, Pat stops to address some aspects of the video he takes issue with. He specifically challenges the narrative that women and people of color have been attacked in the name of Donald Trump; in Pat's view, Islamic extremists are a much bigger threat to American life than racist Trump supporters.

"These are the same scumbags, absolute disgusting scumbags who ignore the fact that radical Islamists blow people up and kill people in the name of Islam. They won't say anything about that," Pat exclaims.

Pat is surprised that liberals have resorted to making up attacks against others in the name of Trump. "Not only are they attacking in the name of Trump, the attacks have gone up," Jeffy jokes.

"They're going to oppose any nominee who goes after women, but they won't oppose anybody who goes after killing babies. That's perfectly fine," Pat points out.

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