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If being a 'redneck' means all this, I'll take it


By Rabbi Daniel Lapin,

A country music radio station on which I used to do a weekly ‘word-of-wisdom’ once dubbed me "The Redneck Rabbi," an appellation which I still carry with pride.

If Redneck means I think God is more important than government, count me in. If Redneck means wanting the independence that earning good money gives you, count me in. If Redneck means that when push comes to shove I want to defend myself with my weapons rather than dial 911, count me in. If Redneck means believing that it is wonderful that God created men and women, count me in. And if Redneck means that I want to speak my mind regardless of who it offends, count me in.

Apparently there were quite a few other Rednecks in America last Tuesday. That’s the good news. The bad news is that 50 percent of voters supported Team Clinton. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Tuesday was not the end. It wasn’t even the beginning of the end. But it might have been the end of the beginning.

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