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If the Chicago kidnapping wasn't a hate crime, what is?

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Doc Thompson is stunned that Chicago police aren't certain yet whether they'll bring hate crime charges against the Chicago kidnappers. In Doc's view, the incident can only be interpreted as being racially motivated, given not only the race of the victim but the bigoted comments made by the attackers in the infamous Facebook Live video.

Doc further explains that his lack of commentary on the incident so far was due to the fact that he didn't anticipate there would be any debate over the guilt of the perpetrators or the heinousness of the hate crime. Now that a debate has begun on the issue, Doc feels compelled to offer his take.

"What do you have to do?" Doc asks angrily? "This should've already been in trial. The jury should've said, 'We don't even have to go in the back room, Your Honor.' ... They're guilt. Sentence them. They should already be on their way to jail. Like, for their prison sentence. What do you mean 'considering' hate crime charges? What the eff do you need?'"

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