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Is bitcoin the Tesla of today?

Glenn Beck
CristiNistor / Getty Images

On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" this morning Glenn told the story of how far ahead of his time Nikola Tesla was and drew a direct comparison to Bitcoin.

In his time Nikola Tesla realized the potential for wireless communication and wireless energy. He was able to get funding from J.P. Morgan for his work and the outcome was the radio. Tesla went on to discover that energy could be harnessed and used from the atmosphere, but when Morgan realized he wouldn't be able to make money from it, he pulled his funding.


Glenn likened Bitcoin to the experience Tesla had with Morgan. Bitcoin is a digital blockchain currency. It is encrypted so that the generation of units of currency can be regulated and that transfer of funds can be verified. It operates independently of a central bank.Bitcoin cuts out the profit the central banks can make from currency trading, causing Glenn to wonder if would be brought to a halt somehow.

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