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Is this legal? Millennials have ‘discovered’ that you can get TV for free

pookpiik / Getty Images

Millennials are helping to fuel sales of a traditional technology that is now trendy again: the simple TV antenna.

A recent Wall Street Journal report had anecdotes from people who sold antennas or seemed to be finding out they existed for the first time. Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher took a look at the story this week on “Pat & Stu.”

“It’s a good lesson to remember when someone tells you that an industry is dead,” Stu said. He pointed out that people have long said that radio is dead, but the industry is still going strong. More than half the country listens to radio daily, with people on average listening for 104 minutes.

The guys also talked about how traditional TVs are easier to buy than ever since prices are so reasonable.

“You go to Walmart and the TVs are like $1,” Stu joked.

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