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It looks like Pat and Stu will not lose this daring bet they made about Trump and the wall

Pat and Stu
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The use of food stamps among both legal and illegal immigrants has reportedly dropped significantly amid fears of arrest and deportation under the Trump administration. While this is a sign of President Donald Trump's hard line rhetoric having a noticeable effect, many of the president’s campaign promises remain unfulfilled.

“This president, he’s been waffling on every position he took during the campaign, especially on immigration,” said Pat Gray today on “Pat & Stu.” “He’s waffled on all of it, from Mexico paying for [the wall] to the wall being built.”

“If Donald Trump actually builds the wall,” Stu Burguiere reminded listeners, “we’ll eat our underwear.”

“We are safe as you could possibly be, on the underwear-eating front,” laughed Pat.

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