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Jim Carrey delivers a surprising message about self-harm, faith, and forgiveness

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Jim Carrey gave an encouraging message about Jesus, faith, and forgiveness to Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles recently that has taken many by surprise.

The organization rehabilitates former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women to help redirect their lives and to aid them in becoming contributing members of society following their transition.

Carrey has had a tumultuous few years leading up to his newly found faith. The actor experienced a very public split from anti-vaccine activist, Jenny McCarthy, and not too long after that, found himself in a whirlwind romance with a younger woman named Cathriona White who ended up committing suicide.

Carrey’s speech was emotional as he described resentment, self-harm, grace, and salvation to a room full of people.

Today on “Pat & Stu” the guys discussed the actor’s sudden decision to declare his faith publicly calling it “a really nice message from him.”

“It’s pretty cool, actually,” said Pat Gray. “You never see that from Hollywood-types.”

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