‘Jurassic Park’ scenario possible after tick that fed on dinosaur is found trapped in amber

The age-old question has risen to the forefront again: Is it possible to resurrect dinosaurs using DNA found in fossilized insects?

Paleontologists discovered a 99 million-year-old tick that fed on dinosaurs trapped amber (the same scenario as “Jurassic Park” except these are ticks) holding on to the feather of a dinosaur.

In her book, “Bring Back the King: The New Science of De-extinction,” Helen Pilcher wrote “what if many millions of years ago there had been a hungry mosquito that died on a dinosaur that became trapped in amber with supper still inside its stomach? If one could recover a dinosaur blood cell from inside that mosquito (or that tick in this case) and then transplant it into an egg that had its own DNA removed, it is possible to grow a dinosaur.”

Tune in to hear what producer Keith and Pat thought of this possibility.

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