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Keep a clean coop for happy chickens


How do you get happy chickens and roosters? A clean coop is key, as Cam Edwards and Miss E share on this week’s “40 Acres and a Fool.”

Cam detailed how he went about an in-depth coop cleaning, which benefited the chickens and roosters as well as the compost pile. One pro-tip he shared was using a mask and goggles to keep the dust out of your eyes since it can be dangerous.

Cam and Miss E joked about their roosters, which are currently called “Mr. Crow” and “Fabio” but may need new names since their behavior is reminiscent of the “Saturday Night Live” sketch “The Roxbury Guys.”

In the recurring sketch, Will Farrell and Chris Kattan played brothers who would dance obnoxiously in clubs, trying to pick up women by gyrating way too close to them. According to Cam and Miss E, their roosters are similarly aggressive when it comes to picking up a hen.

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