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Listen: Antifa isn't fighting fascism, they're fighting against the USA

Pat Gray Unleashed
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The rise of militant leftist groups like Antifa has put the nation on edge. We are increasingly witnessing acts of violence at rallies and speeches as the alt-right and the alt-left head down an incessant collision course perpetrated by an ideological split in the country.

On Friday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat discussed Antifa's threat to use violence toward anyone they deem "fascist" or "racist." The group claims that their main goal is to "disrupt Neo-Nazis" and "white supremacists" but Pat wasn't buying it. "That's a stinking lie," said Pat. "Their main goal is to shut down capitalism. They want the free market to go away. Their main goal is to bring about socialism or communism in the United States of America." The group claims that it will shut down "fascists" by "any means necessary" including smear campaigns, violence, and property damage.

Those in the media continue to blame the election of Donald Trump and the rise of white nationalism for Antifa's recent growth, however, Pat wasn't sold on that explanation either. "Yeah, that's more like it: the election of Donald Trump because a Republican was elected after they had a Marxist in office and they loved it, said Pat.

"They have a socialist leaning guy who is very much into Marxism and Barack Obama, and they loved that. And now we don't have that and so they're all up in arms and they're trying to bring back some sort of system that institutes more socialism."

Pat went on to discuss the group's attempt to shut down conservative commentator and Harvard Law School graduate Ben Shapiro at Berkeley through more threats of violence. "These are not good people. They're not fighting against fascism. They're not fighting against white nationalists, they're fighting against the United States of America."


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