Listen: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser — Here’s what Muslim reform in America should look like

In this week’s episode of “Reform This!” Dr. Zuhdi Jasser asks the questions about Muslim reform few are asking.

How many radical anti-semitic sermons by American imams need to be exposed before American Muslims finally and honestly address the cited scripture? It’s not only about the hate-filled preachers, it’s about the common supposed sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that are quoted globally. Even the media covering the recent slew of hateful sermonizers couldn’t seem to ask the obvious. Real reform is long overdue.

“I talk to you about real reform all the time. It’s not just words … we have to be genuine. I have to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. How do we as Muslims walk the walk?” asked Dr. Zuhdi. He added, “So what happens next? What does reform look like?”

Listen to the podcast clip above or find the full episode here.

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