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Listen: Here’s what you should know about Trump’s infrastructure plan

Doc Thompson

What’s going on?

The Trump administration has been promising to fix crumbling infrastructure around the country and has unveiled a new plan that would put $200 billion in federal funding toward rebuilding America.

The plan is also aimed at stimulating the economy by triggering private investments and creating jobs to build bridges and roads. The administration estimates that private sector investments and state and local government funding would bring the total investment to $1.8 trillion toward infrastructure in the next decade.

Doc’s take:

It may sound good in theory, but ...

On today’s show, Doc explained why any infrastructure plan means a lot of extra things you don’t want.

“What you have is a bunch of shady characters in Washington, D.C. that know how to move around and hide money and pay people off … and then they give a bunch of whatever is left of your money to other shady characters who do that,” Doc said. “That’s infrastructure spending in America.”

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