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Listen: Is it ethical to make billion-dollar deals with Saudi and Qatari regimes?

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In this podcast, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser explores the moral obligations of American businessmen who do billion-dollar deals with the Saudi and Qatari regimes. How complicit are these Americans in the spread of sharia-adherent Salari-Jihadism and Islamism across the planet and the hardening of those Islamism in oppression of their own peoples?

"What ethical responsibility does a billionaire, or in their earlier stages a millionaire, have when he meets princes and gets into real estate deals ... when [he] works with the House of Saud, a royal family who runs a government that imprisons and tortures reformers, that treats women as fourth class, that just now wants back-slapping because they finally may be giving [women] the right to drive, cuts the hands of those who steal, has more beheading in their country than ISIS...?"

Listen to the full episode here to get Dr. Zuhdi’s full take.

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