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Listen: Nebraska man tried to pay for Domino’s order with weed. It didn't end well.

Lafayette, US - December 27, 2016: Domino's Pizza Carryout Restaurant. Domino's delivers more than 1 million pizzas a day V

A 24-year-old Nebraska man attempted to pay for his Domino’s order with a ripped and taped-together $50 bill. The store wouldn’t accept the taped $50 bill, so he paid with a $20. But when his $20 bill wasn't enough for his order plus a drink, the man tried to cover the remainder by passing the clerk some weed.

Doc shared some amazing “Friday Leftovers” on today’s show, including a story about one of the worst ways to make sure your gun is empty. (Spoiler alert: It involves a trip to the emergency room.)

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