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Listen: Netflix knows when you watch the same movie every day for a year

Glenn Beck
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Netflix is notoriously secretive about its numbers, but the streaming service released some interesting tidbits in a year-end report. The company also revealed how well it knows your watching habits with a recent tweet poking fun at its own movie and users who have been watching it on a daily basis.

Glenn and Stu recently talked about some of the numbers released by Netflix and what it means when the streaming service can pinpoint that 53 people have watched the same movie every day.

"It's also a little creepy," Stu said. "They were calling out individual subscribers on Twitter."

Netflix users watched more than 140 million hours of content per day worldwide in 2017. For more fun stats, check out our explainer here and the full report from Netflix here.

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