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Listen: This bizarre 'syndrome' afflicts dozens of visitors to Jerusalem each year

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Israel bans hospital & prison visits for Hamas

Israel has just decided to ban all Hamas members and their families from visiting Israel for humanitarian purposes, which includes all trips to Israeli prisons and hospitals.

P.L.O. urged to rescind recognition of Israel

The top council of Palestinian leaders have just voted to totally withdraw recognition of the state of Israel, and are urging the P.L.O. to follow suit by cementing it into policy.

Knesset ministers give themselves a raise

The Knesset’s finance committee has just voted to give Prime Minister Netanyahu and every single Knesset minister a nice little raise.

Israel helping less than 10% of its homeless

Troubling new statistics have just been released, which if true, suggest that Israel is helping less than ten percent of its homeless, and it’s all because of incredibly strict government rules on who actually qualifies.

The nationality law fails to pass first reading

Adi Arbel, the Institute for Zionist Strategies and Sharon Avraham Weiss, ATT’Y & Exec. Dir. of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel speaking at ILTV Studio about how the "Nationality Law' has failed to gain a majority in the Knesset.

American Jews urge Israel not to deport Africans

Jewish-American leaders, Rabbis and Citizens are very distressed by Israel’s plan to deport or jail nearly forty-thousand African Asylum Seekers living in the country.

Leaked tape details plan for new Minimarket Law

A taped recording has just leaked to the media igniting a whole new debate on the new Minimarket Law, that’s because it details how the government plans to enforce this controversial idea.

Missing Brit may have ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’

Every year, about 50 people are diagnosed with Jerusalem syndrome, a shocking phenomenon that causes foreigners visiting Jerusalem to suffer from delusions that they are biblical figures, and a British tourist who went missing in the Negev Desert last November may be suffering from this very condition.

Revolutionary new Israeli app helps smokers quit

‘Smokebeat’, an Israeli app, may have the key to getting smokers to quit by smartwatch sensors & psychology to reduce cravings to smoke.

Take an adventure with Basti Hansen

Basti Hansen, adventure filmmaker & photographer, speaking at ILTV Studio about the incredible photographs and films she has captured during her adventures.

Spraypainting hate into love

With Anti-Semitism spiking all over the world, one Berlin artist has figured out the perfect way to transform all that hate into love, and he’s even making some pretty awesome street-art in the process.

Hebrew word Of The Day: TZALAM | צַלָם = PHOTOGRAPHER

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Tzalam" which means "Photographer."


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