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Listen: Trump makes ultimatum threat to Palestinians on Jerusalem decision

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I.D.F. Counterstrikes In Gaza For Rocket Attack

Another rocket has just been fired from Gaza into Israeli territory. The rocket has struck an empty field in southern Israel and no injuries or damage have been reported. The army has just launched a counter-attack against Hamas military targets in the strip.


Trump Threatens Cutting Aid To Palestinians

US President Trump has just dropped an ultimatum. He’s threatening to cut all aid to the Palestinians, unless they come back to the negotiation table.


Delta Airlines Gets Sued For Anti-Semitism

A bombshell lawsuit has just been filed against delta airlines accusing the airline of practicing “anti-Jewish, anti-Hebrew, and anti-Israeli” behavior.


Fighting For The Right To Die In Dignity

Bina Divon, Chairman of the Lilach Association - To Live and Die with Dignity speaking at ILTV studio about the organization that is trying to bring to Israel the "Death with Dignity" Act that allows terminally ill people to end their lives by self-administrating lethal medication.


Israeli Journalist ‘Sneaks’ Into Syria

An Israeli journalist Jonathan Spyer sneaked into Syria and even met twice with a top Syrian minister under the guise of traveling with a British passport.


India Nixes $500M Deal With Israel

India has just called off a massive defense deal with Israel’s military, a deal worth half a billion dollars.


Bennett Pitches Plan To Boost Army Draft

Israel’s Education Minister has just pitched a new plan to pump massive dollars into pre-army programs. The initiative would boost high school students’ enrollment in courses and activities that prepare them for enlisting in the I.D.F., but more specifically in combat units.


Preparing Israeli Youth For Successful Service

Stav Gill, head of the pre-military preparatory program speaking at ILTV studio about a pre-military prep program that helps produce the next generation of leaders.


Cell Phones Are The #1 Cause Of Auto Accidents

In 2017, cell phone use while driving was the number one cause of car accidents in the country. 362 people were killed in car accidents in Israel just last year.


Kids Discovers 10,000-Year-Old Knife

A group of Israeli first-graders have just found a ten thousand year old flint knife, which experts now believe is the earliest known evidence of human settlement in the region.

Canines Controlling The Workplace

The amazing story one Irish immigrant and his dog who he brings to his workplace.


Custom C.R.M. Tools For Healthcare Companies

Hagi Erez, Co-Founder of Aorta and Or Targownik, Co-Founder of AORTA speaking at ILTV studio the AORTA company that tackles medical errors.


Seinfeld Takes A Break From The Tour

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld toured the Ramon Air Force base with squadron 119 during his visit to Israel.


Hebrew word Of The Day: PARVATI | משותק = FURRY

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "parvati" which means "furry"


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Tonight is expected to be partly cloudy with a chance of rain and a rise in temperatures. The low will be fifty-three or twelve degrees Celsius. Tomorrow should be partly cloudy but with a drop in temperatures. The high will be around sixty-three or seventeen degrees Celsius.

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