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Listen: US backs Israel’s right to defend itself amid escalating acts of open warfare


Israel’s weekend damage assessment

The region is spiraling into conflict in the aftermath of some of the biggest clashes between Israel and enemy forces in decades, the I.D.F. is conducting a full investigation into what exactly caused the crash of an air force F-16 fighter jet yesterday.


U.S. backs Israel’s right to defend itself

These escalations in Syria, which may be the first true open warfare seen between Israel and Iranian forces, obviously hold massive implications for the rest of the region as well.


Iranian drone caught in Israeli airspace

Col. (Res.) Kobi regev, Former Senior Airforce Commander speaking at ILTV Studio about the clashes on Israel's Northern front after I.A.F. responds with airstrikes on Syria.


African Asylum-Seekers protest in Jerusalem

Outrage against the government’s controversial plan to either jail or deport nearly 40 thousand African asylum-seekers has spread to Jerusalem where a massive crowd of at least 15 hundred people have just gathered in protest.


Modi makes historic visit to West Bank

Ties between Israel and India have been skyrocketing recently, now it looks like India is performing a bit of a balancing act because the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just visited the Palestinian President in Ramallah, the first trip of its kind in thirty years.


Be heard by your city

Avi Dorani, Founder & CEO of Ct-Connect speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli company that has just created an app that is on a mission to make sure your voice is actually heard.


Israeli educational institutes ranked in top 200

Israel has just received some very impressive new rankings, the O.E.C.D has just ranked Israel as the third most educated country, and as per usual, Israeli universities are taking center stage in Asia.


Israeli Olympic journey begins!

The 2018 winter Olympics have officially started, and even though Israel has hot weather pretty much all year round, the country has sent a 10-athlete delegation to the games in South Korea.


A miracle drug on the way?

Some of the worst, if not lethal chronic inflammatory diseases currently have no cure but an Israeli developer says he may have a game-changing new treatment, that targets M.S., Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, and more with just one drug.


Never lose sales to empty shelves again

Shalom Nakdimon, CEO & Co-Founder of Wiseshelf speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli company that has developed a technology to help businesses to make sure they never let you down.


Honeymoon in the Holy Land

Israeli organization offers newly married couples inexpensive vacation to Israel.


Hebrew word Of The Day: OLYMPIADA | אולימפיאדה = OLYMPICS

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Olympiada" which means "Olympics"


The Weather Forecast

Though the winter heat-wave is ongoing, you can expect a drop in temperatures and cloudy skies both tonight and tomorrow, maybe even a chance of rain. The low tonight should be about fifty-seven, or fourteen degrees Celsius. And the high tomorrow will be around sixty-five, or eighteen degrees Celsius.

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