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Man crashes car after overdosing on a prescription drug you wouldn't expect

Mike Opelka
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Prescription drug abuse is reportedly reaching epidemic levels, but usually politicians, journalists, and doctors are worried about opioids. A gentleman in Seattle, Washington has now endangered himself and others by taking too much "generic Viagra."

Frequent guest Angie Austin of Daybreak USA shared the story of the Mercer Island, Washington, man today on “Pure Opelka.” The 59-year-old hit the side of a parking garage with his car a little after 10 p.m. last Sunday. He was taken to the hospital when fire rescue personnel reported he was “not acting right" -- and not from injuries.

Austin reported that the man said he had taken five generic pills, but there is no generic Viagra yet. He may have taken a knock-off drug or hypertension medication Ravatio, which has a lower dose of the active agent in the famous little blue pill.

Whatever he took, it appears to have diverted blood flow from his brain. Mike Opelka quipped that this is "one of the problems with male plumbing."

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