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Why America is a dangerous country for Christians

Why America is a dangerous country for Christians

My podcast this week extends on the piece I wrote a few days ago. The point I want to explore is this: Our country is very dangerous for Christians. In fact, our country, and western culture as a whole, may be more dangerous for Christians than any other place anywhere in the world, at any time. 

By this I'm obviously not referring to physical dangers. Clearly, our situations could hardly be more comfortable and luxurious. Yet if we were to compare, by percentages, how many Christians abandon their faith in our culture with how many abandon it in places where they are killed for keeping it, I think we would find that our percentages are much higher. Our dangers are spiritual, not physical. We may not be sent to the gallows but we do send ourselves to Hell. 

Why is that? Well, as I said before, a lot of us have adopted a false Christianity, and we don't realize it's false because we've never put it to the test. It would be relatively simple (though not easy), in the face of physical persecution, to figure out whether or not your faith is false. If you know that professing it may result in death, and is certain to result in great suffering, you would only proceed if you actually believed it. Only Christians who truly love Christ would say that they love Him when saying so may result in immediate martyrdom. The words are their own proof in that circumstance.

What about us? For us, the words don't prove anything. It takes nothing to say "I'm a Christian" in this country. And that can be a hazardous situation because it allows us to delude ourselves. We say that we believe the bridge is sturdy but nobody is putting a gun to our heads and forcing us to prove it by actually walking across. So we stand off at a comfortable distance and convince ourselves that we believe it. But how confident can a person really be in a bridge they categorically refuse to step foot upon? That's why it's so important that we force ourselves across that bridge, as it were. That we force ourselves to walk the faith, to take up our cross, to fulfill the duties Christ assigned to us. Only then can we really know with any confidence whether our faith is fact or a fantasy. 

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