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Why are millennials afraid of so many things?

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Everyone had a good laugh this week when a bunch of college kids said they felt "unsafe" with a Chick-fil-A on their campus. This is only slightly more absurd than the students from Notre Dame who say they feel "unsafe" with Mike Pence speaking at their commencement ceremony. It would be difficult to think of a person less scary than Mike Pence, or a restaurant more inoffensive than Chick-fil-A. But, these days, as we know, people will find a way to be outraged by anything. My generation has become especially skilled at discovering new and fascinating ways to be hurt and offended by things. Not everyone in my generation has fostered this skill, or would want to foster it, but many have. And these people have turned the whole lot of us into a laughingstock.

It's clear that my generation, generally speaking, is very afraid. Afraid of everything. Afraid of ideas, opinions, discussion, chicken sandwiches, Mike Pence, etc. And we're even more afraid of adulthood, which is why so many of us have refused to achieve financial independence, get married, have kids, and do all the things that previous generations were eager to do as soon as they possibly could.

In my podcast today, rather than simply mock the famous "snowflakes" for being so incredibly afraid of life and everything in it, I want to try and get to the bottom of why we're so scared. Why are we afraid of independence, responsibility, marriage, disagreement, debate, etc? I have a few ideas that may help explain it, though certainly not excuse it.

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