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Meteorologist has a new book to teach children how storms work

Doc Thompson
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What’s a great way to teach your kids how weather works? Colorful, fun books geared to their reading level.

Meteorologist and author Janice Dean talked about the latest installment to her children’s book series featuring Freddy the Frogcaster and his adventures with weather. In “Freddy the Frogcaster and the Flash Flood,” Freddy doubts himself after warning everyone that a big storm is coming. Kids can learn about storms, droughts and flash floods in this book recommended for ages 4 to 8.

“Freddy goes on weather adventures on his lily pad,” Dean explained the premise of the series. She started writing the books to help children learn about something they were already interested in.

“Kids are excited about weather; they want to tell you about the storm that they went through,” she said. “I think, tapping into that excitement, you can actually educate them.”

Freddy deals with making a wrong prediction about the weather, and his friends make fun of him on social media. Does Dean relate to his situation? The Fox News senior meteorologist explained the various ways that she sees herself in her anthropomorphic animal characters. Like her character Freddy and basically every real-life meteorologist, Dean has also dealt with the fallout of predicting the wrong weather.

“I would rather people be prepared,” she said. “Better that than you know, not warning them and take your chances and something happens, and I’m putting peoples' lives in danger.”

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