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Mysterious flying mothlike person sighted repeatedly in Chicago

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Chicago's last two months have been worthy of a Detective Comics story line. A seven foot winged humanoid has been seen flying over Lincoln Park. Fifteen people claim to have see this bat and/or moth person. Mike Opelka took great interest in this story from his hometown on "Pure Opelka" today.

The latest sighting was June 3 at 10 p.m. A couple who wishes to remain anonymous reported seeing a "7-8 ft solid black humanoid with wide membrane wings, that resembled those of a huge bat," according to a report on Phantoms and Monsters.

The wingspan was estimated to be 12 feet, and the wings were covered in black. The reporter, Lon Strickler, said that the couple "assured me that neither of them drink alcohol or take drugs. Both are professionals and business owners in the Chicago area."

They described the head and body as tapered with no visible limbs, which some more skeptical persons have interpreted to be a large owl. Mike, however, has not heard of any owls with 12 foot wingspans. Perhaps it is a pelican or wandering albatross.

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