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NFL almost decimated by distractions caused by player protests

Chris Salcedo

A recent Bloomberg article claims the strong play of the Dallas Cowboys, the most popular team in  the National Football League, has saved the NFL from a ratings disaster.  Chris Salcedo is a bit puzzled how one out of thirty-two managed to save the entire ratings season for the NFL.

Chris mentions how Jerry Smith and Christopher Palmieri, who wrote the article for Bloomberg, articulate how the first half of the season you see the NFL in a slump down 14-percent over last year.

"It was because folks like ESPN were focused on Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem, mister Black Lives Matter himself," Chris states.

Many patriotic folks, who are the main audience for the NFL, they were changing the channel.

"I have watched one Monday Night Football game all year because of what ESPN had done and how they had glorified all this crap," Chris declares. "So first half of the season the National Football League and of course all the politically correct Democrats in the NFL, yeah it's run by Democrats."

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