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Obama's farewell speech puts him in 'a no-win situation' about referencing Trump

Mike Opelka

Mike Opelka talks with author and lawyer Dr. Wendy Patrick about President Obama's upcoming farewell speech. Mike and Wendy share their predictions on the coming event.

"One of the things that strikes me is the 'yes we can' mantra that's characterized his campaign and his presidency," Wendy says. "I wonder if it's also going to characterize his remarks — It would be a very optimistic message."

They question if President Obama will go after Donald Trump during his farewell speech. Wendy explains why it's very difficult to predict which direction the president will go.

"Here's the elephant in the room: What's he going to say about Donald Trump? Is he going to blast him out of the water?" Wendy wonders. "He'll be blasted on social media. Is he going to leave the topic alone? He'll be blasted for that too. It's almost a no-win situation."

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