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Predictably, left leaning pundits respond to shooting with a call to restrict freedom

Chris Salcedo
cygnus01 / Getty Images

In the wake of the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.), the expected liberal demands for gun control have already rolled out. Twitter was awash with #GunControl hashtags from public and private figures eager to disseminate their hot takes to the largest possible audience.

On today’s “Chris Salcedo Show,” Chris Salcedo emphasized that everyone in America is a first responder, which is more important than posting the first response.

The natural right of self-defense is constitutionally protected by the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. Chris suggested that if every one of the Republican law makers practicing for their baseball game tomorrow had been armed, it likely wouldn’t have happened.

He was annoyed that anyone would openly advocate that lawmakers be left defenseless to someone who violates the law. He said the biggest risk in a free society is that someone will abuse that freedom. The solution isn’t to take away someone else’s freedom because a criminal abused it.

“The solution is to expand the freedom for the law abiding,” he concluded vehemently.

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