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R2-D2 is up for auction – how much will Star Wars fans pay for movie history?

Mike Windle / Getty Images

A complete R2-D2 unit will be up for auction later this month. Made from “original components,” the R2-D2 unit was assembled with pieces used in the original “Star Wars” trilogy as well as in Episodes I and II. It’s estimated to sell for as much as $2 million.

Because components of the beloved droid were used from movie to movie, a complete R2-D2 unit has not been available before, the auction description claimed.

On Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, Pat Gray and Jeffy Fisher debated whether or not it's worthwhile for collectors to pay for original pieces from famous movies.

“Wouldn’t you love to have that [R2-D2 unit]?” Pat asked rhetorically. “That’d be incredible.”

Glenn put the cost of original movie pieces into perspective by reminding the audience that a first draft of the Constitution that belonged to George Washington and was inscribed not only with his signature, but also his notes, was sold for around $10 million.

Meanwhile, “a piece of plastic that does nothing is $3 million,” Glenn said.

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