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Rabbi Lapin explains the foolishness of abandoning the structure families have had for millennia

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Engineers design planes, bridges and buildings to fit certain natural laws, including how gravity and wind resistance work, but our society doesn’t think people need structure in their homes.

After thousands of years of human existence, we have a good idea of what works for family arrangements, but people think it’s OK to ignore these natural laws, Rabbi Daniel Lapin explained on this week’s episode of “The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show.”

The best living arrangement for a family is for a man and a woman to dedicate themselves to each other and raise children together. While it can be everything from boring to difficult to scary at times, this essential family structure has been proven to work.

People obviously wouldn’t build a bridge that doesn’t factor in gravity and wind resistance, nor would they construct a house that is upside-down, resting on the tip of its roof. But somehow, “wild experimentation” in how human beings live together is seen as perfectly normal. Rabbi Lapin compared this trial-and-error family approach to building a bridge that will inevitably fall into the river.

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