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Rabbi Lapin: Here's what environmentalists have in common with Islamists

(Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images)

Make a mistake with a recipe or driving directions and people gently correct you.  But if you don’t agree with them on use of energy, you’re not mistaken -- you’re evil.  If you don’t recycle, you’re not just ignorant -- you’re evil.  If you prefer a 12 cylinder, 420 horsepower, gasoline driven car that can do 110 MPH and go 300 miles on a tank of gas to a cute little electric car whose main purpose is to advertise your virtue and purity -- well, you’re just plain evil!

"When people relate to other people on the energy issue ... it's much closer to the way Muslims relate to Christians or Jews. It's anger. It's outrage. It's indignation," Rabbi Lapin explained in his latest podcast. He added, "I gradually began to realize that the only [other] time that people exhibit that kind of anger is over religious debates, not about anything else."

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