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Robots could soon replace workers in fruit orchards


Thousands of workers are needed to harvest fruit each year in Washington, many of them illegal migrants. That could all change if fruit orchards transition to using robotic machines to pick apples, berries and other crops that are still harvested by hand.

Two robotics companies are racing to get their robots to market as the agriculture industry contends with having fewer workers for harvesting. Farmers are looking for alternatives to migrant workers as the Trump administration takes a hard line on immigration.

On this week’s episode of “The Jeff Fisher Show,” Jeffy Fisher talked about the effects of having fewer illegal workers on the agriculture industry in Washington as well as what a future with fruit-picking robots could look like. Human pickers will never be able to keep up with machines that never need a break.

“No, thanks, we have a robot who won’t get tired and continue to do it for 24 hours a day,” Jeffy said.

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