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Scandals, security breaches: Former agent has new book on ‘troubled’ Secret Service

Doc Thompson
John Moore/Getty Images

Presidents have enough pressure on them without having to worry about fence jumpers and other dangers. Yet the Secret Service has been making headlines for the past several years for its missteps. What’s going on?

Former Secret Service agent and author Dan Bongino joined “The Morning Blaze” to talk about his new book, “Protecting the President: An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats.”

During the Obama administration, the Secret Service was plagued with security breaches and scandals. This past April, an off-duty agent who had been assigned to help protect Vice President Mike Pence was suspended after allegedly meeting a prostitute at a Maryland hotel.

“The Secret Service is in a lot of trouble, and the guys and the ladies working over there, they needed a voice,” Bongino explained his reasons for writing the book. “After that second fence-jumping incident where a guy made it onto the White House grounds again, I said, ‘You know, someone’s got to talk about this stuff.’”

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