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School administrator loses cool with pro-life protesters

Chris Salcedo
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Zack Ruff, an assistant principle at a Downington, Pennsylvania, high school was visibly and vocally unhappy with young pro-life protesters outside his school. He engaged with the students in a very aggressive and unprofessional manner, caught entirely on camera.

Today on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Chris Salcedo compared the April 21 incident with protests against Milo Yiannopolis and Ann Coulter at the University of California Berkeley. He believed it points to a larger message in the public school system that certain ideas are not allowed in a public forum.

The protesting teens, Conner and Lauren Haines, were on a public sidewalk outside of STEM Academy. The assistant principal said, "You are harassing public school students, and I will call the police if you don’t shut up.” Rather than do that, Ruff argued with the protesters, insulted their religious beliefs, and became increasingly agitated while the brother and sister remained calm.

According to the Downington Area School District, Mr. Ruff has been placed on leave while an investigation is being conducted.

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