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Should women serve in combat roles and register for the draft?

Mike Opelka
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Mike Opelka welcomes Lawrence Jones, investigative reporter and TheBlaze host, to the program to debate the merits of women serving in combat roles and the push to include female citizens in selective service registration requirements. While Lawrence doesn't believe women should have to register, Mike disagrees.

"Why should only men be required to register for selective service?" Mike wonders. "And why should men be denied access to government programs, government funding if they choose not to? Because we're all equal citizens."

Despite Mike's insistence that some women can perform many combat roles as capably as men, Lawrence remains unconvinced.

"I don't think (women) should be in combat," Lawrence states. "I don't think they should be on the front lines of the military. That's just my personal opinion. It's no disrespect to — like I said, my grandmother was in the military."

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