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Since when is water trendy? Check out these unusual food trends for fall

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You may have heard of this fall’s hot new trend … it’s called “water.”

Infused water, including chlorophyll water, cactus water and hemp water, is in right now. While its benefits are up for debate, chlorophyll water and other trendy infused waters are touted for having extra nutritional and medicinal properties.

Celebrity chef Patrick Mosher joined Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about what’s big in the food world this autumn. Along with your fancy infused water, how about some two-bite-sized doughnuts that cost a lot more than your average dozen?

Mini doughnuts, which are sometimes called “dough bites,” are the latest trendy, expensive food. Singer John Mayer has Instagrammed about them, and vegans have recommended making them with matcha (also trendy). Patrick described them as tiny, artisan versions of a normal doughnut, comprising maybe two to four bites per treat.

“I call them popcorn doughnuts … like popcorn shrimp,” Doc Thompson quipped.

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