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Slater: When terrorists attack children, will men stand up to protect them?

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This weekend on "The Mike Slater Show," Mike Slater was perplexed that we are not more outraged by the attack and murder of little girls at an Ariana Grande show last week in Manchester, England. A suicide bomber killed 22 and injured over 100 more for which ISIS took credit.

Mike expounded on the male duty to protect women and children. He pointed to Shannon Johnson, a 45 year old male who protected a 27 year old female coworker in the San Bernadino, California terror attack. He died while she survived.

He remembered the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado where three men died protecting their girlfriends.

Men are hardwired to protect, Mike asserted. If there's a bump in the night, not a decent man in the country would let his wife check it out.

He asked such men to imagine if they used a baby to shield themselves from bullets. It should be equally impossible for them to imagine someone ripping apart a baby in the womb.

"We are dead already," he solemnly intoned, if we are not moved by such tragedies.

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