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The latest from Israel: EU states demand Israel reimburse them

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8 E.U. States Demand Israel Reimburse Them

Eight E.U. countries are demanding Israel reimburse them for destroying West Bank structures the state deemed illegal. The E.U. has also harshly condemned Israel alleging the country is threatening peace by approving new Jewish homes in the disputed West Bank.


U.S. Demands Hamas Renounce Violence For Unity

Trump’s Mideast peace envoy Jason Greenblatt is demanding Hamas drop terror violence completely, and recognize Israel’s right to exist as part of any Palestinian unity government.


Iran Teams Up With Syria Against ‘Zionist Enemy’

Iran’s military chief has just visited Syria. Iran and Syria may be formally uniting against the so-called ‘Zionist regime’ of Israel.


Haredim Protest The Latest High Court Ruling

Rabbi Dov Halbertal, former head of the office of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Uri Zaki, President of the Meretz Governing Assembly speaking at ILTV studio about army exemptions for the ultra- Orthodox deemed unconstitutional.


Israel Premieres T.V. Series On Haredi Soldiers

A new Israeli T.V. series ‘Kippat Barzel’ has just premiered and is already receiving critical acclaim for highlighting the trials of Haredim soldiers who go against the grain, and serve in the I.D.F.


Neo-Nazi Comes Out As Gay, And Apparently Jewish

A man named Kevin Wilshaw, former neo Nazi in the U.K., and a member of England’s radical right-wing national front party, revealed that he is both homosexual and Jewish.


Deceased Daughter Still Saves Her Dad’s Life

An Israeli man that has been waiting three years for a kidney transplant has finally received it from his very own daughter who was killed just hours before in a horseback riding accident.


Israeli App Helps You ‘Think About Baseball’

A new Israeli app is promising an end to premature ejaculation once and for all and Israeli doctors are working on engineering totally artificial sperm.


Einstein Museum To Open In Hebrew University

The Hebrew University is devoting a new museum to the great physicist Albert Einstein featuring never-before-seen personal effects and archives.


Top 5 Wineries In Israel

ILTV's Emanuelle Kadosh bringing the top 5 wineries in Israel.


Hebrew word Of The Day: KOACH M’SHICHA |כוח משיכה = GRAVITY

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "koach m'shicha" which means "gravity"


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